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    2022 Rockburn Central Otago Tigermoth Riesling

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    Tasting Note: Meticulously grown in the stunning Parkburn region of Central Otago. With a lower alcohol of 10%, this exquisite medium-sweet Riesling pays homage to the renowned Spätlese wines of Germany. Prepare your senses for a harmonious symphony of flavors as the richness of balanced sweetness and the gentle embrace of fine acidity dance upon your palate. Immaculately crafted, this Riesling strikes the perfect equilibrium, showcasing a seamless fusion of indulgent sweetness and crisp vibrancy.
    Product Details:
    Volume: 750ml
    Alcohol: 10%
    Vintage: 2022
    Region: Central Otago

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    2022 Rockburn Central Otago Tigermoth Riesling

    $33.00 NZD

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